SIDAS Bespoke Orthotic Insoles

We are now able to offer SIDAS bespoke orthotic insoles to suit a wide range of shoe types and specially designed for a number of different sporting activities, including both sport and medical grade bespoke insoles for ski boots.

[SIDAS originally made their name by providing bespoke insoles for ski boots and at Burwellness we have the equipment which will be familiar to many skiers who have used this service elsewhere]

The guiding principle behind the value of bespoke orthotic insoles is that our feet were never designed to walk on hard flat surfaces, yet that is what we all do most of the time, and it takes its toll on our feet, sooner or late. Orthotic insoles can provide the environment our feet really need for correct function, inside our shoes!

Nature designed our feet to walk barefoot on yielding, textured surfaces into which they sink enough to be contacted by the surface over the entire sole of the foot. This gives sensory feedback under the arch area which provides a complete information data set to our brain. The brain then responds by the deploying muscles designed to control the arch of the foot and to orientate it correctly so the foot is stabilised and force can be efficiently transmitted through it.

Many of the problems seen in feet result from them being unstable and with pressure incorrectly distributed across the sole, causing a range of problems from corns and calluses, to curled toes, bunions, thickened nails. The lack of correct alignment and stability can also lead to various problems with knees, hips and back.

Being able to make SIDAS orthotic in-house means that, after an appropriate initial assessment, a patient can receive one or more pairs of bespoke insoles on the day they are made, the whole processes being carried out by our trained podiatrist/orthotist. One or more further appointments will be required for adjustment before the insoles are finished, as the brain/body takes several weeks to fully adapt to having the correct sensory feedback provided by the insoles, and it is important to allow this process to take place in order to achieve the optimum results.