Minor Skin Surgery Procedures


Following completion of the Royal College of Podiatry Skin Surgery Course, we have recently introduced a range of minor surgical procedures on skin and nails, performed under local or regional anaesthesia.   The areas which can be treated are limited to hands and feet below the ankle, although we do have a diagnostic capability allowing identification of lesions in some other exposed places, using a dermatoscope.

We also now have a Sonoscape Ultrasound Scanner to assist in identification of pathologies

The procedures which can be offered are:

  • Punch and shave biopsies of lesions.
  • Excision of benign skin lesions (e.g warts*, moles, persistent corns)
  • Electrocauterisation (fulgaration) of lesions
  • Removal of retained foreign bodies (e.g thorns, glass fragments)
  • Incisional nail surgery (including Winograd and Zadik procedures)

*We are unable to remove verrucae from the soles of the feet. This is someting even a consultant dermatologist will not do!

The excisional nail surgery is particularly valuable for those who may develop painful and acute ingrowing toenails, but whose work makes if impossible to have any extended period off work for post-operative recovery.  Typical healing time would be 2 to 3 weeks, rather than the 6-8 works needed to heal from the conventional nail surgery with phenolisation which is all that most podiatrists can offer (including in the NHS).

Costs vary widely according to the procedure itself and the type of anaesthesia required and would start at £250 for procedures not requiring histopathology of excised tissue.

Any excised tissues from biopsy or surgery have to be sent off for histopathological analysis and we have arranged this facility.

Appointments for any of these procedures would have to be preceded by an initial podiatric assessment by us, and discussion of the treatment options available and any preliminary tests needed.