Insole/Orthotic Therapy

The human foot developed over thousands of years to walk primarily on yielding surfaces which touch the whole foot.   In recent decades in particular, we spend most of our time walking on hard flat surfaces so that some parts of the foot are load-bearing.  This causes increased pressure on the load-bearing areas and sends incomplete sensory data back to the brain, so that co-ordination and alignment of the foot may be impaired. 

 Many common causes of foot discomfort and deformity can receive long-term relief using appropriate customised insoles or bespoke orthotics following diagnosis by biomechanical assessment.

Insoles/orthotics provided may be:

  • Commercially-available insoles, customised as required
  • Bespoke orthotics made using the SIDAS Premier Station in the surgery

The decision as to which are appropriate depends on the clinical need of the patient.  Bespoke orthotics may be needed in cases where foot deformity has resulted from accident or disease process, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, so that conventional insoles cannot be adapted satisfactorily.