Lunula Laser Treatment

Lunula Laser provides a safe and effective treatment for fungal nail infections.

Hitherto, the only really effective treatment for most fungal nail infections has been oral terbinafine, an anti-fungal agent which can have unpleasant side effects and places a strain on liver and kidney function. 

Consequently GP’s have advised against its use where avoidable, and particularly for patients on certain other medications e.g. steroids, and for those with any impairment to liver or kidney function, although it is now being prescribed for some patients for whom the risks are considered acceptable.  It is generally necessary to take the medication for up to six months and chiropody treatment is also necessary to remove damaged areas of nails.

Now Lunula Laser provides a safe and effective alternative for those who do not wish to, or cannot, be treated with terbinafine tablets, and also encourages new nail to grow at an enhanced pace.  The necessary chiropody treatment is provided as part of the treatment protocol.

These pictures show some results with one patient.

Before treatment:

After treatment:

The equipment used is the Erchonia Lunula Laser:

Lunula_Foot Being Lasered 2

Lunula Laser procedure

After skin preparation with an antiseptic spray or wipe,  the nails to be treated are thinned if necessary, then the foot is placed in the Lunula Laser machine and exposed to the rotating red and blue lasers for an automatically timed 12 minute interval.  This is repeated for the other foot (even if it does not show). 

The blue laser wavelength (405nm) penetrates the nail, even the root area under the skin of the proximal nail fold, and kills the fungal nail cells by stimulating the production of lethal reactive oxygen species within the cells, while the red laser wavelength (635nm) enhances the action of the body’s own immune system in fighting the fungal infection as well as encouraging faster new nail growth to replace the damaged nail.

 For mild to moderate infection, four treatments as described above are recommended at weekly intervals, with a further two treatments available if required at the three month stage after commencement of the treatment.  Advice and medication are also provided to disinfect the skin of feet, footwear, hosiery and their environment, in order to eliminate reservoirs of infection and reduce the likelihood of reinfection.

For advanced infection where any nails are infected right to the base and into the nail root, six to ten treatments are recommended.  

The inflamed and scaly skin condition which is often associated with fungal nail infection shows improvement within hours and may be completely healed within a week of starting treatment.  New clear nail growth should be visible, even in totally fungal nails, by the three month stage, or sooner. 

I provide:

  • 4 to 6 treatments by Lunula Laser for mild to moderate fungal nail infection
  • 6 to 10 treatments as above for moderate to heavy fungal nail infection
  • Further monitoring and treatments as required


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