MotionMetrix 3D Markerless Gait Analysis

We are delighted to announce the arrival of MotionMetrix 3D Markerless Gait Analysis equipment. This provides us with state of the art ability to carry out both:

  • Clinical Gait Analysis for diagnosing and characterising the effects of pathology on gait.

  • 3D Running Gait Analysis for assessing running gait, allowing refining and perfecting of technique.

This equipment is so specialised that hardly any podiatry clinics in the country have it; only some universities and elite running clubs and one Premier League football club!  More detailed information is available from

We intend to use the Clinical Gait Analysis for our research into into the mode of action of orthotic insoles in influencing foot function and orthotic design, but it is also available for our patients with a variety of foot pathologies in order to provide quantitative and objective evidence of impairments to gait and the efficacy of the measures we use to treat these.

The 3D Running Analysis is valuable to all for whom running is their main sport, or for whom running is an essential part of their training for other sports.  Since nature designed us to walk and run barefoot on yielding, textured surfaces, and we actually spend most of our lives on concrete or other hard smooth surfaces, our feet are almost never able to operate in the environment for which they were designed.  The consequence is that feet hardly ever function optimally, and this affects current performance, and has adverse long term effects on our joints, particularly those of our lower limbs and feet.  The solution to this is to create within our shoes the environment for which we were designed, in the form of orthotic insoles with the appropriate properties. This, together with the voluntary adjustments to technique which the 3D Running Analysis is able to highlight, allows the runner to optimise their running technique and footwear.

We do not ourselves have expertise in running training,  but the 3D data and test results which you receive are more detailed than any other system currently available, and do give some auto-generated tips, and you can take them to your own sports therapy or running specialist so that they can give you more informed advice and training.

We are, of course, able to make SIDAS bespoke orthotic insoles to meet the need to perfect the in-shoe environment of our feet for the range of footwear and activities required.